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6. Set Me Free

Written by: Jackson Willis, Daniel Willis & Jeremiah Willis


   I wait in the dark in the shadow

   Eager and searching

   Desire it grips me straight to the core

   This fire won't be contained

   False passion inside me

   To escape from it all is the way to survive


   But who's in control

   Is it the heart or mind

   Is this who I am

   I've gotta understand

   I am accountable

   This is the real life

   So what's it gonna be


   I want to be free

   Of me - of me

   Set me free

   From me - from me


   I can tell by the way that you're moving

   You want my attention

   And the way that you look is driving me wild

   Girl won't you come my way

   And I'll show you what you're missing

   And I promise to hold you all through the night





   The battle inside my head won't go away

   I can fight but I can't win so I won't stay

   I'm going to the only one who understands

   So I give my life into your hands

Lead vocal: Jackson Willis


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