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2. The Line

Written by: Jackson Willis


   You were always close to me

   Everything my eyes could see

   Ever you were on my side

   Safe in you I would abide

   I pulled my strength out of you

   I wished to do just like you do

   Never could I be more brave

   When knowing you were there to save


   What have you done

   It’s your time to run

   No more are you mine

   You’ve crossed the line


   The first time was hard enough

   I told myself to be more tough

   Fear and panic split the night

   Both of you were out of sight

   How is it possible

   That you were even capable

   She was only just a kid

   You had to do just like you did



   It’s been some time and now you’re gone

   A new day about to dawn

   The sun shines upon my face

   In a world full of grace

   I hope and pray for a miracle

   In the heart of a criminal

   It has never been too late

   It’s up to you to choose your fate

   Choose your fate

Lead vocal: Jackson Willis


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